2 in 1 Dragon fruit Skin Food Facial Mask + Polish | For all skin types

2 in 1 Dragon fruit Skin Food Facial Mask + Polish | For all skin types

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What our customers are saying:

"I've been wanting a face polish for a while and had a hard time finding one that had a texture and feel that I like. This one is perfect! I personally mix it with aloe vera and the texture is great and my face loves it. I would definitely repurchase".


Renew your skin with this high potency Superfood Clay Mask, packed with Vitamin C and deeply nourishing skin food ingredients.


✓ Enriched with Dragon Fruit, known for brightening skin and boosting glow! The vitamins in dragon fruit also help protect your skin from sun damage. Vitamin A, C and E help minimize the damage caused by harmful UV rays and improve complexion. Helps keep your skin looking young and radiant.

💖 Reduces age spots
💖 Minimizes acne breakouts
💖 Soothes sensitive and/or inflamed skin

✓ Rose Clay with rose extracts gently polish away dead skin and deep clean pores. Fantastic for anti-aging, removing toxins while soothing and moisturizing skin.

✓ Friendly for even the most sensitive skin types. Gently exfoliates and has polishing properties that bring out a younger looking, flawless complexion.

✓ Niacinamide (B3) Brightens skin, prevents signs of aging and helps keep skin looking firm and youthful.

✓ Enriched with natural Hibiscus Flower. One of the primary benefits of hibiscus for skin is that it is rich in Vitamin C and has properties when applied to the skin that can help reduce any redness or soreness. Hibiscus acids naturally purify skin and promote production of a protein that boosts cell regeneration, which speeds healing of acne and blemishes.

✓ 100% Organic ingredients. Vegan + Cruelty-free. Handmade in Seattle, Washington.

✓ 4 oz /118 ml. Vintage glass bottle.

Directions for use: Use wooden spoon included and mix small amount (1-2 tsp) of clay mask with several drops liquid of your choice. (We love to use coconut milk, or aloe vera gel). Apply to face and neck, being careful around the delicate eye area. Allow to partially dry, then gently remove mask with a warm washcloth using a massaging motion. Follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer. Can be used 3x per week.

Organic ingredients: Rose Clay, Rose powder. Kaolin Clay. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Dragon Fruit powder, Natural Hibiscus powder.